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What is Equip + Empower?

Systematic teaching and spiritual growth in a

Holy Spirit charged atmosphere.

Equip + Empower is iSEE CHURCH's discipleship path. Consisting of 2 modules that are each 8 weeks in length. This life-transforming course takes place across Term 2 + 3 and will leave you equipped and empowered in what you believe and in your ability to share those beliefs with greater confidence.   


Core Habits



Healthy Relationships + Finances 

Building the Kingdom 

Start your discipleship journey.
Term 3.

8 Weeks
7pm Tuesday Nights from July 26th

10 Old Chatswood Road, Springwood


Module Two


$5 Investment

Freedom Day

For anyone who has completed Foundations, Freedom Day is a powerful morning of Holy Spirit encounter where you are taught specifically what it means to identify, and allow God to bring freedom to, specific areas in your life that can hinder you from walking in your God-ordained purpose (areas like unforgiveness and generational influences etc).


Morning Tea and Lunch will be provided.

Saturday July 23rd

9am - 1pm

10 Old Chatswood Road, Springwood

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