7 Prayers - Day 2


Today we’re going to pray for WISDOM. At the beginning of the year, we often have to make decisions that will set us up for the coming days. The word of God says that if we lack wisdom then we should ask for it & God will give us the wisdom we need. What do you need wisdom for today? Pray & ask God to give you wisdom for every decision you face.

- Jo Geerling


1 Kings 3:7 – 10

Now, O Lord my God, you have made me king instead of my father, David, but I am like a little child who doesn’t know his way around.

And here I am in the midst of your own chosen people, a nation so great and numerous they cannot be counted!

Give me an understanding heart so that I can govern your people well and know the difference between right and wrong.

For who by himself is able to govern this great people of yours?

The Lord was pleased that Solomon had asked for wisdom.

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