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Day 11 - Josh Geerling

Hello iSEE CHURCH, My name is Josh and I'm excited to share a real quick devotion today in our 14 Days of Devotion season. It is not long now to Revival Nights so get registered, $5 for a person, $15 for family, it is going to be amazing. But hey, I want to bring a quick devotion to you today and it comes from a verse we've all heard before James 4:8 and it's the New King James version that says this;

"Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you,"

I absolutely love this verse and I'm sure we've all heard this verse at some point in our walks with God, but there is a power when we draw near to God. There's a power, when we put some effort into our relationship with God, there's some power when we begin to choose to draw close to God and the Bible tells us that as we drawn near to Him, He draws close to us, and God's attracted to our hunger. God responds to the hunger that we show.

You know, there's always a power being up close to something or being upfront and up close to something that you can see, that you can feel maybe. I think we've all been in this boat, where you've maybe sat in a seat, maybe it's at a musical or maybe it's at a sporting ground, or a sporting event, or wherever it may be, and there's a difference when you sit up the front and at close seat. Compared to the difference when you sit maybe up in the bleachers or up really far away, maybe the cheaper seats we could call them. There's a difference between that because, we know, when we're at the good seat, we see something closer. We see that thing and that object in more dimension and with greater power, we see it a lot closer, we can see it better than we can further away. And it's always the case with God, when we get closer to Him, when we go 'I'm going to take a front row seat, I want to get as close to God as I can,' we actually see Him in the fullest light, we see Him and He's most bright too. We see Him in new ways. And we actually receive the fullness because He is attracted to our hunger and I want to encourage us as a church, let's drawn into God even in this preparation season before Revival Nights. Let's get on our knees. Let's hunger for God let's desire for Him because God wants to draw close to you, but He wants someone who's willing to draw close to Him first. Maybe it's time to start in prayer for you. Maybe it's reading the Word of God for you. Maybe it's putting some worship music on or speaking in tongues, whatever it looks like for you. Would you get in his presence? Would you draw near to him and I commend and I will know instantly that God will release His blessing and God will release His anointing over your life, and you will draw close to Him.

So my prayer for you is today that as you draw close to God, He will draw close to you and as we come closer to Revival Nights, that that prayer would be in our heart that we just want all that God has for us. Love you Church, have an amazing day.

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