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Day 8 - Ps Scott Strathdee

Gidday iSEE CHURCH family around the globe.

I'm excited because today is Day 8 of our 14 Days of Devotion. And I believe this morning scripture is going to speak to your faith and encourage you wherever you are, and whatever you're doing. This morning scripture can be found in Matthew chapter six, verse 33. And it says this;

“Seek the Kingdom of God, above all else [wow], above all else, and live righteously. And he will give you everything you need.”

Notice the scripture says to seek the Kingdom of God above all else. Not just some things, all things. You know, seek means an attempt or desire to obtain or achieve something. When somebody sets out to seek after something, they should have an expectation attached to whatever it is that they're seeking. After that, they're going to find that something. And when we're talking about seeking this morning, we're talking about seeking after God and His Kingdom, because I know, when we truly seek after God, we can expect him to move in our lives. He can bring blessing, favor, increase, direction, encouragement to whatever area we need. Because when we truly seek after the Kingdom of God, he brings amazing things to our lives, because we serve an amazing God, and we serve a powerful kingdom. And let me ask you this morning church, what is on the other side of you choosing to seek after God and His kingdom?

You know, with Revival Nights around the corner, my prayer is that we, as the church, gather together in strength in unity. That we would come ready, expectant for God to move, we would come ready to seek after God and His kingdom. And I just want to encourage you and ask you what is on the other side of you seeking after God today?

Let me pray for you. God, I just thank you for your heart. I thank you for your people. And God, I pray that we would be a people that would choose to seek after the Kingdom of God, that we would prioritize you, your presence and your kingdom, and I just thank you for all the amazing things that are on the other side of us choosing to seek after you and your kingdom.

Church, be blessed today and have a fantastic week.

Ps Scott

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