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Day 9 - Ps Anton

Hey Church,

Welcome to day 9 of our 14 Days of Devotion. It's Anton here and I'm excited to share the thought for this morning. I want to read from one of my favorite scriptures in Hebrews 8:8-9, is says;

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today. Do not be attracted by strange, new ideas."

You know when we read the account of Jesus in the New Testament, that whenever He encountered people, when people encounter Jesus, things had to shift, things had to change. When the sick encounter Jesus, they were healed, when the dead encounter Jesus they were resurrected, when the hungry encountered the presence of Jesus, they were feed. This how He is. He is a healer. He resureects the dead. He's a provider, this is who He is. And I love that we hear in verse 9. "Do not be attracted by strange new ideas" which simply means let's not give thought or entertain anything that contradicts the very nature of who Jesus is. Sometimes we doubt that they can heal. Sometimes we doubt that we can bring it through a breakthrough or a miracle, but I want to stir you church, to believe again, that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He will always heal, He will always restore, He will always revive, He will always been breakthrough in our lives, that's who He is. Let's not give up and doing good. Keep believing. Let's keep pressing in, let's raise our expectations and keep believing for a miracle. Keep pressing in, He can do it. What the Bible says about who Jesus is, it is true. And let's not give thought to anything else. Let's not entertain what the enemy says about Him. Let's declared the Word of God over our lives.

Church, I want to stir you, be encouraged because He is the same yesterday today and forever, He's not changing. Be encouraged Church, God bless.



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